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Success is born from attitude

Everything you have ever done has started from one thing: an idea. Only 2 things can happen to that idea, it will either fizzle or flourish.

What path your idea takes depends entirely on your attitude. Not your circumstances, not your friends or family, not your finances. If you decide that your idea will succeed, it will! Now I know this sounds far fetched but let's break this down with an example...

My goal is to buy a £1 million house. Do I have the money? No. Do my friends and family think I am silly? Probably. Does my job pay me enough? Absolutely not. So what should I do? Fizzle or flourish? I really want that house so fizzle isn't an option. ENTER ATTITUDE. My desire for my house is irrefutable, I am going to get that house. Now I have made that decision I naturally start to think of ways I can do it. I feel motivated, inspired, ready!

Your attitude towards your goal breeds more attitudes of the same. I feel positive therefore I do positive things which makes me feel good which leads to more positive attitudes which naturally forces me into more ideas, more inspiration, more SUCCESS. A chain reaction occurs which impacts all aspects of my life and I know before long I will be holding the keys to my house.

You may think this is all a load of rubbish but I urge you to try something... For the next 24 hours approach everyone and everything with a positive attitude. If that devil on your shoulder pops up being all negative, flick it away, it serves absolutely no purpose. I promise you, you will feel a shift, before long good things will happen to you, your mind will clear and you'll, at the very least, feel incredible.

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