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Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Look at these 2 examples. Which one is more compelling?

1. My laptop has 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and has a 14inch display.

2. My laptop allows me to edit 10 photos simultaneously or open 30 tabs at one time, perfect for multitasking when I am pulled many directions. It loads and operates faster, maximising efficiency and so reduces time spent on projects. The compact display allows me to carry my laptop to meetings in my handbag rather than a laptop bag, meaning I feel more stylish and less at risk on public transport.

Ok, so this isn't my best copy, but it demonstrates my point. Example 1 lists the features of a product. It doesn't matter how proud you are of your product's bells and whistles you MUST show them how your product will improve your audiences' life (2). Only then will you convince them to buy your product.

How do I do this?

If you want to write your own copy you need to accept that writing copy is a skill, studied and practised by professionals, much like your accountant or business advisors. You may find it difficult.

Here are some tips to get you started...

a. Analyse your target audience. Know them inside out. What do they look like? Want? Need? Have a clear image in your mind.

b. List your features

c. Against each feature write why your audience would want/like it

d. Against each of your points in part c write again why your audience would want/need that benefit

e. Keep going until your a 4-6 levels deep

You will then have your benefits for your copy.

Eg. The boot on this car has 775 litres of boot space.

So what? It fit lots of items in it

So what? You can take lots of items away with you

So what? You do not have to limit your packing

So what? It reduces packing time

So what? Holiday prep is less stressful

So what? You can enjoy the holiday from packing to the minute you get home. Take what you want to take rather than just stress about what you need. The kids can bring what they like, meaning fewer arguments and more smiles. Have a trip away to remember for the right reasons.

From there the copy writes itself! Good copy takes time, it takes multiple versions, it takes a lot of practice.

Try this method and let me know how it goes.

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