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3 Ways to Boost Sales Without Spending a Penny

Starting a business is costly. You have spent so much time, effort and money on forming your business, learning new skills, and building your stock. So when sales then roll in as fast as a sloth eating a jam sandwich it is crushes you. Your confidence is knocked, you question yourself and that doubt creates fear. Fear is rubbish.

Rest assured, there is always something you can improve on, always something you can learn. If you push through that fear you will eventually hit that sweet spot and strike gold. Here are some ideas from a copywriting perspective that can really improve your sales figures and get your business on the smooth road to greatness.


You might sell cars, dog toys or rocket ships, it doesn't matter. You must always have a voice. Your voice must be consistent, it must be engaging and it must be clear. Think of Apple. If Apple was a person what would they look like? Sound like? Act like? What would they say? How would they spend their free time? Now do the same exercise with your business. Create a vision in your head so clear that you know them inside out. Ask them question after question, go deep. Then you'll have an idea of who your company is and what they sound like. Every time you write marketing material use their voice. That voice might be professional, friendly, technical, simplistic, formal, youthful. The list is huge. Knowing your voice breeds consistency that your audience can get to know and trust. It works for Apple, MacDonalds, Chanel and it will work for you too.


Be honest. How may emails do you just delete without a moment's thought? Why do you delete them? Every single day I open emails that are absolutely flooded with text. Seriously, who is going to spend 3 minutes of their precious time reading something they haven't asked for? All it takes is a glance and your email is gone which is why you need to be succinct. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs. Get straight to the point, very few will read to the end so tell them what you want them to know IMMEDIATELY. And remember, bullet points and space are your friend.


I see this alllll the time. Companies are proud of their products, and so they should be! They then tell the world how great their product is and how many gadgets it has, how shiny it is, how fast it operates. All very impressive stuff I'm sure. But you must always ask yourself, 'so what?'. Why would someone care that your product (or indeed service) has XYZ? HOW DOES THAT BENEFIT YOUR TARGET MARKET? This is a topic I will talk more about next time so stay tuned... This is an important one.

What it all boils down to though (and I am totally going to blow my own trumpet here) is writing copy is a skill. And too often it is a skill overlooked. People try and cut costs and write their material themselves but the truth is, you may have saved yourself a few hundred in costs but you have also lost a few thousand in sales.

Try my tips, see how you get on. Reach out to me at any time, I will happily offer advice. I feed on success.

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