Nice to meet you


Hi I'm Clare, freelance copywriter, Rhodesian Ridgeback fanatic, mum of twin toddlers and maths enthusiast that can take your company to a new level. Here's why...


Back when I was a trainee accountant I was constantly jealous of the drive behind business owners particularly their passion for realising their dreams on their terms. I craved success, mine, theirs and now yours.

Copywriting has enabled me to feed my creative yearnings whilst still keeping my business head on my shoulders. The perfect combination to help you grow.

I am offering you the chance to engage your customers, form relationships with them and increase sales. A number of people choose to write their own copy but truth is, it's a skill. Would you let someone unqualified do your accounts? Not only can good copy, my copy, entice customers it will also free up your time to focus on what is important, your company and your profits.

Take a look at my portfolio. Let me help you grow.